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Bustle - This Virtual Reality Experience Shows What Facing Abortion Clinic Protesters Is Really Like — And It's Making An Impact

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Elle UK - This Virtual Reality Video Shows You The Awful Trauma Of Abortion Clinic Harassment


Huffington Post - Witness The Trauma Of Abortion Clinic Harassment In Virtual Reality

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Glamour - This Powerful VR Video Shows What It's Like to Be Harassed at an Abortion Clinic

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Bustle - This Virtual Reality Experience Of Being Harassed Outside An Abortion Clinic Is Eye-Opening

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Mashable - Virtual Reality Can Help People Become More Critical of Harassment at Abortion Clinics

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Self - Planned Parenthood Made A VR Film That Puts Viewers in The Shoes of Women Getting Abortions

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.Mic - 'Across the Line' Uses Virtual Reality to Put Viewers in Abortion Patients' Shoes

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Cosmopolitan - Experience What It's Like to Visit a Planned Parenthood Clinic Through Virtual Reality

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The Mary Sue - Planned Parenthood Hopes to Use Virtual Reality to Create Compassion in New Film Across the Line

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NY Mag - The Abortion Stories That Never Get Told

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Rewire - Filmmakers Use Virtual Reality to Depict Abortion Clinic Protests

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Democracy Now! - Wicked Jezebel Feminist! Users Witness Anti-Choice Abuse in Virtual Reality Film "Across the Line"

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Broadly. - Planned Parenthood's New Virtual Reality Video Simulates Clinic Harrassment

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NY Times - Sundance Expands Virtual Reality Offerings

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USA Today - Sundance diary: I tried 7 VR experience


Huffington Post - Can Virtual Reality Make Us Better People?

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Wired - Big Hollywood Is Getting Into the VR Game at Sundance

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MTV - I was called a "whore" just for walking into a Planned Parenthood

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The Verge - The virtual reality of Sundance, Day 2: hate is the purest emotion

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RH Reality Check - Filmmakers Use Virtual Reality to Depict Abortion Clinic Protests

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee filmmaker gets virtual with Sundance project

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Medical Daily: Planned Parenthood's Virtual Reality Film, 'Across The Line,' Could Help Change  Protesters' Behavior

KUTV - At Sundance's New Frontier, activists further their causes with virtual reality

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Voices on VR Episode #302 - Walking Through an Abortion Clinic Protest in VR

Planned Parenthood - Sundance Film Festival Selects Across the Line, A Virtual Reality Film About Accessing Abortion

Future of Storytelling - People's Choice award goes to Across the Line